Poedit 1.6.11

This program provides a good environment for translating .po text catalogs
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Poedit is a catalog editor typically used for translating various parts of a web application that uses .mo files. Although it might seem complicated at first, the process is fairly simple: the program extracts text data from the user's interface of your web app and then creates a two column catalog with the original text strings on the left and the empty fields for the translations on the right. Translations can be done semi-automatically by using "translation memory" or manually. Personally, I didn't find the automatic feature very useful as I found it harder to correct robotic semi-translations and easier to just manually translate each string.

Even though the last version of this application doesn't have any notable extra features, it still made a big step forward because of the simplified user interface. The developer created a nice welcome screen consisting of a few step-by-step wizards, greatly helping beginners that are unfamiliar with the process of creating and using .po catalogs.

Overall, this is a solid program that gets straight to the point and creates a pleasant and simple environment for translating text catalogs. Besides the aforementioned "translation memory" feature, everything works perfectly.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Step by step wizards
  • Simple and pleasant two column interface, perfect for translating
  • Shortcut keys for actions that are often needed
  • Simple yet complete string importer


  • Automatic translations are of less than average quality
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