Translate gettext-based apps and web sites in a controlled environment
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Poedit is an open-source neat software tool to help you with your localization and internationalization projects. With specific support for WordPress themes and plug-ins and for any other gettext-compatible site or app, this high-end translation tool will help you complete, share, and implement your translations quickly and without unexpected delays.

The overall concept around Poedit is that you or your hired translators focus on their translation and nothing else. Everything has been designed to make things easier for those whose worries concern mainly to the quality of the work, and not on how their translations are going to be managed or implemented. Thus, Poedit is for both the site owner or app developer and the professional translator. The former will use this tool to set up a translation template that any translator with Poedit installed on their system can edit, save, and send back to them easily and quickly. Translators can open their .po files here and start editing the proposed translation in a completely stress-free environment. The program’s support for Crowdin will let translators download and edit any Crowdin project in a collaborative and fully synced way.

The translation interface itself offers a clean workspace with just the elements you require to “fill in the blanks” and to help you with your translation. The source text and the translation appear in two distinct columns, with two text boxes below them – there is where the real translation takes place. A panel on the right-hand side of the window will offer you discreet translation suggestions and whatever comments the project creators introduced for the active entry to give you a better idea of the context where the word or expression comes from. All you have to do is move from entry to entry and either type new text or edit whatever text appears in the Translation box. You are informed permanently of the amount of lines translated out of the total number of lines, as well as the percentage of them that have been translated so far.

Poedit comes with a bookmarks manager that will allow you to assign up to 10 marks (only!) to each document. It does not seem to be of much help when dealing with translations with hundreds of items, especially because you cannot label them with clues to help you to move from bookmark to bookmark in some meaningful way.

To help you move your translation forward more quickly, the program comes with a Translation Memory that stores all your previous translations and uses them to provide you with suggestions that you can use to translate similar texts. Once you’ve finished your translation, you can check if the translation conforms to gettext specifications using the program’s built-in validation tool. If everything goes fine, you can then save your .po file and send it back for implementation.

Very few translation and localization tools can boast of offering such a simple yet powerful working environment to ease the work of professional translators with such a high level of compliance with the most widely used internationalization tools and standards.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Integrates and syncs with Crowdin projects
  • Allows for comments to help in the translation
  • Support for gender and number variants
  • Checking and validation tools
  • Translation Memory for your previous translations
  • WordPress support


  • Bookmarks are limited to 10 and cannot be renamed or organized
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